Wullie Brennan Treasure Island

Wullie Brennan as Squire McClunkey

Wullie has worked consistently in the industry for over 20 years.  Working with a variety of companies across Theatre, Film and TV work. 

Some examples of previous Film and TV work are History of Scotland, Next Time Ned, Pugg, Young Adam, Gas Attack, Detached.

Wullie originally started with The Hopscotch Theatre company, and returned to work with Hopscotch many times. His most recent theatre work includes “Singing I’m no a Billy, He’s a Tim” (as Harry), touring Scotland and Ireland, ending at The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow. 

Wullie has appeared in “Rally roon the Rangers” (as Frank), at The Pavilion Theatre. Also performing at The Armidillo, Glasgow, in the show “The Journey Back” (as Billy), and also in the panto Aladdin (as Emperor of China) at The Pavilion Theatre. 

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